New improvements in Inkscape’s Measurement Tool

As a result of the time spent with Dave Crossland in Argentina last month, I have implemented some new features in Inkscape.

One of them is a measurement tool, inspired by a feature seen in a proprietary font editor, but now implemented as libre software!

This tool has already been mentioned in the Understanding Fonts blog. Above is a new screencast to showcase the new features that I have added to the tool this last week:

  • The tool now displays angle information
  • If you hold the CTRL key, the tool has its angle constrained to multiples of 15 degrees so that you can have precise measuring. For instance, this makes it easy to have horizontal and vertical measurements.
  • Now you can also select in the toolbar, which units to be used in the measurements

Use it now

This tool will be available in the next release of Inkscape (0.49) that is due out in September or so.

If you want to give it a try earlier, we have nightly builds of our development version. Visit the following page for your type of computer and download the first link you see:

If you have any suggestions regarding this tool, or Inkscape in general – both feature requests or bug reports – be sure to let me know and I may consider addressing the issues to make Inkscape better.

If you feel like supporting my work on Inkscape development, you may consider sending a PayPal donation,

Please, let your friends know about the font features being added to Inkscape!

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