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Typography extensions in Inkscape 0.49

We’ve been prototyping typography features for better integrating Inkscape with FontForge. Today I have published on YouTube a screencast of the current version of these extensions. The extensions are scheduled for release in the upcoming Inkscape version 0.49. The basic workflow is split in 3 steps (with one Inkscape extension for each step): 1) Setup […]

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Video-demo of the Measurement Tool in upcoming Inkscape 0.49

Libre Graphics World has published an article covering the new Inkscape Measurement Tool that we (Felipe Sanches and Dave Crossland) have been working on. It is planned to be included in the upcoming Inkscape 0.49 release. Their nice video demonstrating our new feature is embedded here but be sure to read their article too.

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Preview of the new Inkscape Measuring Tool

Felipe Sanches has been working on a new Inkscape Measuring Tool, and here is a preview of its current state:

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