Burma aid delays worrying aust ngos

Burma aid delays worrying aust ngos

MUNICH — The world’s second most populous country in recent years has postponed the delivery of food aid to Afghanistan because of rising tensions between China and its neighbors.

The delay for the March 2014 famine relief package was first reported by the British Associated Press news service late Monday morning. The package, worth $200 million, was to begin next month, but the delay was caused by 카지노 사이트a clash between China and Mongolia, officials said. China has a trade deficit with Mongolia of about $1.7 billion, according to the World Bank.

Somali Foreign Minister Abdul Wahidur Naderuddin said Monday that it was “difficult to believe this will bring the World Food Program back in Afghanistan.”

A UN spokesman said in a statement that “the Afghan government continues to cooperate with the World Food Program to provide essential items with a high level of transparency and quality,” referring to the aid package. “The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Welfare is closely 더킹카지노monitoring how the World Food Program’s work in Afghanistan.”

While the World Food Program’s work in Afghanistan is “very positive,” “the delays in aid will increase the burden on Afghan Government’s res카지노 사이트ources,” said the spokesman.

Aid in February was delayed, at least a year, because of concerns among countries that Taliban militants are attacking food markets.

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