Casino expansion stokes pokie debate The National PokerStars Federation wants poker reform in Nevada

Casino expansion stokes pokie debate The National PokerStars Federation wants poker reform in Nevada. The expansion’s proponents argue that Nevada has long held an unwritten “law of the house” that prevents companies from starting casinos, yet this hasn’t been the case for major poker promotions.

Poker promoter calls for greater oversight After months of scrutiny from a California gamb예스카지노ling regulator, one New Jersey man is calling o더킹카지노n the Las Vegas casino industry to bring more oversight to its business practices.

Poker gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada is a game of skill and talent

There are no public records of Mr. McCandless’ actions at Casino Live, where the former casino manager claimed to be a licensed poker player. But public records show that Mr. McCandless began playing poker at about 4:45 p.m. Thursday, as a friend of his, David Reitzel of Philadelphia, walked into the casino. Mr. Reitzel had placed some $20 bets with Mr. McCandless on Mr. Reitzel’s PlayStation, where he has played hundreds of millions of dollars of online games in recent years. Mr. McCandless told the friend to go to the casino and play.

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A day later, a friend told Mr. Reitzel that he would not be staying at the hotel. A hotel employee asked Mr. McCandless if he was staying for an extended period of time. He did, eventually returning to the casino.

At about 9:40 p.m. Friday morning, the friend saw Mr. Reitzel walk out into the lobby. As he enteredapronx the lobby he was quickly followed by several casino staffers and security officers, who searched through Mr. McCandless’s pockets, purse and wallet. They seized cash, a gaming device Mr. McCandless had given them, as well as an iPod computer and an iPhone — all evidence that Mr. McCandless was already playing cards online.

Mr. McCandless was arrested at the scene and charged with two counts of possession of a firearm under a fictitious name and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a criminal street gang. His attorney, Marc Laszewski, declined to comment Tuesday afternoon about the case. Mr. Reitzel, who said that he had not played poker in several years, said he had hoped to stay in Las Vegas to play poker, but that he was forced out because of Mr. McCandless’s actions.


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