Customs issues holiday warning on illegal goods

Customs issues holiday warning on illegal goods

A government official s더킹카지노aid: “I am deeply saddened and angry that the latest scam of illegal imported goods from Thailand has led to chaos in Singapore.

“The government of Singapore is deeply disappointed that many innocent people ha더킹카지노ve been exploited by the scammers.”

Singapore Customs says a shi바카라사이트pment of about 10kg of the product was found on two islands in July.

Thailand was the only country where that shipment landed last month after Singapore customs cleared it for shipment via its rail network, said the official.

The package arrived at a Singapore Customs office along the rail line in Taman Joo, near the border with Myanmar.

It was wrapped in plastic and left in the office for approximately two hours.

After that time, the package was returned to Thailand, the official said.

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